Sushi or Fast Food?
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Sushi: Alternative Fast Food in Hayward, CA

We understand the busy life that most Americans lead. Whether it's working late at the office, or spending time with your kids, you've got a full day. Sometimes, just the thought of making dinner for you and your family can be overwhelming. When it comes time to decide 'what’s for dinner' why not choose something different? The same old fast food places can get boring and fill you will a lot of empty calories and unhealthy fats. 

Order from Chef Teriyaki in Hayward, CA for a quick, easy and delicious meal! Whether you're looking for a delicious meal for lunch or dinner, you have to call our Japanese restaurant! 

Japanese Food Hayward, CA
Japanese fast food Hayward, CA

We offer delicious Japanese food in the Hayward area. 

Many people are asking- is sushi a healthy alternative to fast food? We say yes! With fish, veggies and steamed rice, sushi can be a balanced meal for you. Salmon or tuna can help you get your daily does of omega-3 fats and shrimp or scallops offer a low-calorie option. Don't forget the veggies! You can order sushi rolls that are packed with veggies like cucumbers, carrots or avocado. Start with edamame, miso soup or veggies to really have a balanced meal!

We even offer options for kids. Check out our menu and see what appeals to you. There's no reason to go to the same old fast food joint with the fattening burgers. Try Japanese food from Chef Teriyaki for a delicious alternative to your everyday meal! Call today to place your order!

Fast food never tasted so good!

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